Reliable & Guaranteed Bandwidth for Critical Business Usage

Leased Line Services

Leased Line Service - Dedicated connectivity for assured through-put

Internet connectivty is back bone of all corporates & we understand up-time value. Maahi Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. gives you un-intrepted and seamless connectivty for your enterprise requirements. With our network spreaded across Gujarat, we can almost serve any destination in state. We understand importance of last mile connectivty and hence we always try to terminate bandwidth at nearest fiber location using best possible carrier services. Our winning mantra is to spend more on connectivty.

Businesses need constant connectivity to communicate and transact over the internet. Shared internet lines along with multiple users accessing simultaneously, can lead to inefficiencies. Internet Leased Line service for enterprises, empowers them with dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed communication and collaboration. As one of the best Internet Leased Line providers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we have connectivity across major cities. With high-speed and dedicated Internet Leased Line connections, it is favourable for big as well as small enterprises with constant dependency on the Internet.

Internet Leased Line Features:

  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Symmetric bandwidth (same upload & download speeds)
  • Multiple bandwidth options
  • 99.5% SLA
  • Latency commitment
  • Packet loss less than 1%
  • Unified threat management | Firewall | IPS | VPN
  • Web and application filtering | Bandwidth management
  • Multiple link management | Anti-malware/ Anti-spam
  • Link up time and traffic | Policy management | Device health
  • Anti-virus/ Anti-spam/ IPS | Trouble ticket and SLA compliance
  • Multiple last mile options
  • Ring protection (for fibre last mile only)
  • IPv6
  • Online payment option
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Configuration management